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Recipe: Fried Brussels Sprouts

Fried Brussels Sprouts? Fried? Yes, fried! I was as surprised as you may be now when I flicked through the pages of my grandmother's favourite recipe book and came across this recipe.

As it happened, I had some brussels sprouts in the fridge and no firm ideas for what to make for dinner tonight. "Hmmm", I thought. "Doesn't sound right, but I'll give it a try". So I went ahead and prepared this innovative, vegetarian meal from a recipe out of my grandmother's book.

  • Brussels sprouts
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • Salt, pepper
  • Ruskoline Crumb Dressing

  1. Steam the brussels sprouts until you can just about push a fork into them, but don't overcook or they will fall apart when you fry them.
  2. Coat the sprouts in the beaten eggs
  3. Roll the egg-coated sprouts in some Ruskoline Crumb Dressing
  4. Deep fry in hot oil
  5. Season to taste and serve on a bed of rice
Why do you have to use Ruskoline Crumb Dressing; won't ordinary breadcrumbs do just as well? Well alright, if you don't have Ruskoline go ahead and use regular breadcrumbs. Just keep in mind that Blighty's Tuck Store sells Ruskoline and I won't be able to feed my poor, starving barefoot children if you don't buy the Ruskoline .... [sound of violins playing] ...

So How Did It Taste?
Really very good actually. All my life I have eaten brussels sprouts as a boiled or steamed vegetable. The thought of having them fried seemed very strange, but they were surprisingly tasty. Oh, and by the way, brussels sprouts are rich source of vitamin C and fibre too. So set aside any prejudices you might have about how food should be cooked and give them a try.

1 comment:

  1. Several people have come into Blighty's and commented that they have tried this recipe and actually liked it.

    It really isn't as bizarre as it sounds. The sprouts are not really affected by the frying process which just seals them inside a coat of egg and breadcrumbs.